If there is something of which I am constantly in Awe, it is God’s Love for us. Isn’t it so amazing to live in the comfort of knowing that there is someone who will always love you? Regardless of who you are, what you’ve done or what you still do, what you look like- regardless of anything the world could ever come up with. This kind of love is undeserving, because it is given freely. you don’t need to meet any condition at all to be loved by God- His love for you is unconditional. The Lord expressed His Love for us, when He was crucified for our sins on the Cross of Calvary. John 3: 16 says “for God so Loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Notice the highlighted “so loved?” the Bible didn’t say “for God Loved the world”, the “so” illustrates the limitless depth of His love for You- a Love so deep that He counted you worth dying for- A love so strong that Jesus counted you more precious than all the angels in Heaven and Heaven itself. He’d rather have you than have Heaven. John 15:13 says “Greater love has no man than this, that one should lay down His life for His friends.”

The fact that God loved us, even yet in our sinful state, demonstrates the faithfulness of His love and serves as an example for us to follow. He didn’t stop loving us even when we didn’t reciprocate His Love, when we rejected Him, rebelled, disobeyed, strived with Him; even as we, in our daily life still fall short of His glory, His Love remains faithful.

Songs of Solomon 8:7

“many waters cannot quench love. Neither can floods drown it. If a man offered for love. All the wealth of his house, It would be utterly scorned.”

Isn’t it true that love cannot be bought and it’s worth immeasurable? It isn’t unusual these days to see people trying to buy love. The truth remains that no matter how much you love someone and how hard you try to buy their Love- they’ll never love you, if they don’t love you. This however doesn’t mean you are unloved. there is no love on earth that can ever replace Gods love for you. Remember it is God who shows you what love really is and how to love others. To think you are unloved, is a lie satan wants you to believe because he knows that once you come into the consciousness of God’s love for you, even as your heart is filled with love, that the power of God’s love for and in you is strong enough to break every yoke of bondage and set you free from all your fears (1 john 4: 18- there is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear).

But you may want to ask “Of what purpose is this Love? The Love of Christ has a mission- to give you eternal life, to break your yokes, to fill your life with the light of God’s goodness, so that you by his love through faith in Christ Jesus may live life to the fullest! And just as we’ve been blessed by accepting His love, so are we also commissioned to share this gift of love with others, by being a channel through which Gods love for others is manifested. Remember that love is meant to be expressed and not concealed – Proverbs 27:5 “better is open rebuke than love concealed.” As Christians, we can only love God by loving our neighbour as ourselves (1 John 4:20). Loving others isn’t just something you do when you feel like it, it should be a life style. The bible reveals in 1 John 4:7-8 that he who loves has been born of God and knows God. And whoever does not love, doesn’t know God, because God is Love!” I tell you, it feels amazing to love people. The rules are like this; the more love you give, the more you receive. Not necessarily from those you love, but from Love Himself- God!! Christ said to peter in John 21:17 “if you love me, feed my sheep.” I encourage us to go out there, feed Gods sheep with His love and watch Him through us, continue to transform lives!

How to be a vessel of God’s love

  • Accept Gods Love, by believing in Christ and His sacrifice on the cross.
  • Humble yourself. Lay all your shortcomings before him in prayer
  • Recognise the fact that it is only him who can change you
  • Ask him to change your heart and fill it with His love
  • Ask Him for the grace to Love just as He loved you
  • Be grateful for how He’s loved you
  • Instead of being judgemental, endeavour at every opportunity to show love and kindness to others.


Dear Lovely Jesus, we are forever grateful for your love. Please fill our hearts with Your love, let it be the banner under which we find refuge. Restore your love in those areas where we feel unloved. Let us be consumed by Your peace and joy. Give us the grace to show love where ever we go, even as lives are changed, to the glory of Your name. Amen.








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