God is sufficient in every way. His sufficiency is unlimited, even as He works in manifold ways. With Him there is unlimited number ways to doing things and in Him, the expression – “shortage”, doesn’t exist.

The man at the pool of Bethesda (John 15:1-15), who’s laid there for thirty-eight years was thinking like many of us do today- doing things the traditional ways, ways known to us to be the more reliant, roads in journeys of which other people had testified was the safest, bubbles of our own very limited way of thinking, with the least fathomable thought of maybe, just maybe, things could occur unconventionally. When the Lord asked the crippled man if he wanted to get well, he started by giving a presentation of the difficulty of his situation, the failures of how many times he had tried, the frustration that came with his helplessness, his lack of connection; as he had no one to put him in the pool. He was only concerned about the breakthrough healing that could have occurred from one known source- the pool of water stirred by the angels. He couldn’t in his wildest dreams think of any kind of supernatural intervention that wasn’t and would supersede what he already knew. But in verse 8 of the same chapter, the Lord said to Him “take up your bed and walk.” Can you identify yourself and situations around you like that of the man of Bethesda? Have you tried to get there many times, but someone jumps ahead of you before it happens? Or perhaps you do not have the connection to land your dream job, to get that record deal, to reach through to publishers, to accomplish that goal you really have set your mind upon? Or do you see other people success as the peak of what you could ever be, a reminder of your failures and frustrations, a challenger that because you do not have all it takes to walk on same road as they did; that you will never arrive at your destinations? The Lord is saying “Rise up, take up your bed and walk!”

Now imagine how the Bethesda dude must have felt when he heard the word of freedom being released into his life.  Who could ever have thought that healing could be that easy? Who could ever have thought that for thirty-eight years of struggle, failures, pain, torment, that all he need was a word “Arise”. The startling simplicity of Jesus’s words, didn’t even give room for doubt. He immediately sprang up to his feet, took his bed and walked rejoicing. Now let’s ponder over this: was it just the startling simplicity of “it was just like a movie”, that made the man obey? Or had he just given up already that nothing mattered anymore, and it wouldn’t hurt trying something new even if they didn’t work? Had he accepted his troubles as part of his daily life and disappointments were his new “normal”?

It could have been any of those things. But one things remain sure- he was eager to be healed. He wasn’t comfortable laying on that bed anymore. He came to the realization that something’s got to change! So, when that opportunity was given, faith collided with the power of God’s word and the outburst of that collision gave birth to a miracle; he got his healing.

His bed now in his hands was a reminder of his past and how God can change lives. It was a reminder that yesterday he was crippled, lost in fear, hopeless and forgotten, but today he can walk. It was a reminder that the God who performed that great miracle yesterday, was able to perform even greater miracles for him today.

Do not be comfortable in that situation, let the power of God’s word stir up your faith, no matter how little you think your faith is. Know that our God is excellent in power and there is nothing to hard for him to do- He is the unlimited God (Jeremiah 32:27), He is the God of the ninth hour when all has failed and your present help in time of need (Psalm 46:1). So, speak the word into your life, stand by it, look beyond your present situations; for the Egyptians you see today, you shall see no more! And believe that God is about to start something new and spectacular in your life, your life is turning around for good even as all things are working together for your good. Amen!


Dear everlasting Father, you in whose hands lay the universe, you who do great signs and wonders, you who are merciful, loving, kind and gracious; we bless your holy name. Step into our situations today and change our lives, even as we are reminded of your unlimited sufficiency, holding into your word in obedience by faith-  which says that everything is possible to him who believes. Let your power bring about transformation in ways our minds could never have perceived, to the glory of your name. Amen!




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