Beyond Infinity

And into the deep, and the deepest deep.
Is the eye of creation, far above comprehension.
A mastermind of inhibitable wisdom,
Possessing knowledge without inhibition,
With love engulfed in atomic compositions,
Embedded in every element;
Where in the abstractness of the invisible,
Expressed in the visibility of the unknown,
Is a splendour beyond infinity.

And through the circle of time and timeless time,
In the heart of hearts, far beyond atmospheric spheres,
you are present in every breath,
As a transcending force,
Magnificent in every essence,
And surpassing all understanding,
Acumenly intriguing, a philosophers nightmare.
To whom the synchrony of the universe rhymes...
You are beyond infinity.

And in the the silence of now, your voice echoes.
Your sovereign will secretly revealed in my every step.
And the mystery of your existence,
Is made manifest in every creation.
So that my heart can see you,
In the faces of all men.
For You have encoded in my genes,
The blueprints of life, the essence of your spirit...
A river of life, flowing beyond infinity.

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