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WordCosmos is a Christian lifestyle blog founded on biblical principles. We aim to share abroad and wide the love of God for humanity, by preaching the gospel of Christ. We demonstrate how the application of God’s word to your daily life, can give you the fulfilment you desire!!

As Christians, we are called to walk together in faith because together, we are grafted into Christ- who is the vine. Therefore, be encouraged to participate in sharing Gods message of love, by commenting, sharing of post on SoMe, giving feedback and even suggestions about what you think might be of interest to write and discuss about!

By so doing, we can be a blessing and inspiration to each other and the world we live in.

My Love Story… the birth of WordCosmos

WordCosmos-Christian lifestyle blog
Hi, i’m Jasmine!

As a little girl, I always loved fairy tales… and I still do… don’t blame me, I’m a hopeful romantic. But even fairy tales aren’t devoid of challenges in similitude to those you and I face every now and then. As we do know, Cinderella might have lost her shoe, but that created a pathway to her destiny. I am guessing you remember how the story ends.

I like to think of my life as a fairytale of which the end starts from now- intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the author of our salvation. For this reason, I love to write about the greatest love story ever! That of God and man and how He continues to woo us with His unconditional love!

If you like poems, read-JESUS AND THE CROSS. It reminds me every now and then about the enduring love of God.

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